Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

I am deeply saddened by George Floyd’s execution at the hands of 4 Minneapolis’ police officers. My heart goes out to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends. What these officers did is despicable, and I hope that they are brought to the full extent of justice.

There is no dispute that we have a serious issue of racism that runs across our country. There is no question that history has not been able to teach us that nobody should ever be treated differently because of the color of their skin, nationality, gender, or sexual preference. There should not be a place for racism in our country. It is a disease and it must be eradicated.

There is also no dispute that we have a serious issue with our police force. Some of our police bodies are infected with certain officers who are racists and power-hungry. No racist individual should ever be allowed to become a police officer. We heavily rely on our police force to protect us and to maintain peace. However, our police force heavily relies on the people to effectively carry out their duties. What some of these officers have done is kill the trust that existed between the local community and police force.

We must select leaders who will hold officers accountable for their wrongdoings and criminal acts. We must select leaders who will work on rebuilding trust between people and the police force. If our leaders are unwilling to do so, we must hold our leaders and officers accountable. More importantly, we must hold each other accountable for failure to speak out on this issue. This must change now.

At AMABLE LAW, we remain committed to a just and fair world. We applaud and support freedom of speech and the right to assembly. We must constantly exercise our right to be heard and seen in order to effect positive change in our society. We encourage anybody who is participating in a protest to do so in a peaceful but powerful way.

Gerardo M. DelGado, Esq.

Principal Attorney at Amable Law, PLLC