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Shorten the Divorce Process with the Help of Amable Law

The divorce process is notoriously time-consuming and emotionally tumultuous due to hurt feelings and long, drawn-out court hearings and waiting periods. By handling issues through mediated interaction instead of going to court, your case can be shortened by a significant amount. In a collaborative divorce, the two parties decide to resolve their issues through a communication and mediation process with their lawyers without going to court.

At Amable Law, we have been successfully helping countless clients with collaborative divorce. We believe that this is the most efficient and less stressful way for both parties to heal and move forward with the life that they want and deserve.

If you wish to learn if you and your spouse are eligible for a collaborative divorce, speak with our Winchester divorce attorney by scheduling a consultation at (540) 739-2001!

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Couples who have gone through a collaborative divorce find that there are many benefits to this type of divorce process, which include:

  • Respectful interactions with the other party
  • “Divorce with dignity” in a more private setting
  • Quicker divorce process
  • Finding compromise and shared solutions based on the discretion of the two parties, instead of a judge
  • Open communication and shared information
  • Teamwork of child or financial specialists, divorce coaches, and divorce attorneys
  • Simple, quick, and low-cost divorce

While there are many benefits of a collaborative divorce, it is not the best or even realistic option for every case. Once the parties have decided to go the route of a collaborative divorce, court-litigation is off the table as an option.

What Can You Expect from Your Collaborative Divorce Process?

The process of collaborative divorce begins very similarly to a contested divorce. Your first step is to meet with your Winchester family law attorney at Amable Law, where we can help you file a divorce complaint. You and your spouse must then sign a collaborative participation agreement. You may choose to hire and consult with a collaborative financial specialist or child specialist to help you and your spouse make the best decisions for your family with the resources you have. After all the decisions have been made, your attorneys help you file the settlement paperwork, and in a couple weeks or months, depending on how busy the courts are, the judge will send you your final divorce decree. The process usually takes a matter of months, and sometimes, as little as weeks.

Call Amable Law today for efficient, reasonably-priced family lawyers in Winchester who can guide you through your collaborative divorce with ease. (540) 739-2001.


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